Mercedes-Benz USA Recognizes Derreck Kayongo's Dedication and Hard Work

Mercedes-Benz USA has picked up and moved. MBUSA now calls Atlanta, GA home, although the new office building is still under construction. The company is already bolstering its new neighborhood by supporting the leaders who have been hard at work long before Mercedes-Benz USA came to town.

In the Greatness Lives Here video series, Mercedes-Benz USA gives viewers an introduction to some of the innovators, small business owners, and non-profit founders who make Atlanta great.

Mercedes-Benz is investing almost $2 million per year in ventures like these in Atlanta. So far, its employees have worked over 4,000 volunteer hours on over 70 projects. The Mercedes-Benz brand isn't just about luxurious cars and fancy new stadiums- it's about enriching lives and making positive contributions to the world.

We're inspired by these videos, and proud to work with a brand that recognizes the power of giving back.


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