Protect Your Mercedes-Benz This Halloween

There's nothing quite like Halloween in Santa Monica. However, while you and your children are enjoying the costumes, candy, and festivity, others may be out on the streets wielding shaving cream and eggs.

Pranks like toilet-papering houses and covering cars with shaving cream are traditions on Halloween, and your Mercedes-Benz could be a victim.

Prevention is the best strategy to protect your vehicle. Halloween and Mischief Night (the night before Halloween) are good days to park in your garage.

If your car does get pranked, washing it off as soon as possible will save you major headaches later on. Most pranksters don't think of egging a car as serious vandalism, because it comes right off when the egg is fresh. Allow it to dry in the California sun, however, and it becomes a baked-on problem.

Soak the dried egg in white vinegar to remove it. This may take several applications to get all of the egg off, and the vinegar will strip the wax right off the paint. Be sure to re-apply a protective coating once the egg is removed.
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