Can't Wait for the F 015 Luxury in Motion? Try the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

If you love the idea of fully autonomous cars like the F 015 Luxury in Motion we discussed in our last blog post, a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is probably the closest you'll get to that luxury these days.

The E-Class Mercedes-Benz can park itself and use advanced braking and steering technology to help you avoid accidents. It's equipped with lots of sensors and cameras to monitor blind spots and keep you protected. In the case of an unavoidable impact, the E-Class can even protect your hearing from the inevitable loud noise. What other car does that?

In addition to safety precautions and protective measures you won't find anywhere else, Mercedes-Benz offers unparalleled design. The interior of the E-Class is uniquely sophisticated. It's luxurious in the most elegant way, providing a seamless aesthetic from a futuristic dash to an available hot stone massaging seat.

Please visit W. I. Simonson in Santa Monica to take the inimitable E-Class Mercedes-Benz for a test drive.

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