When was the last time you thought about your tires? This isn’t about how good they looked after that seven-dollar car wash, this is about what kind of condition they were in. Odds are if you are like most people you haven’t given your tires any real thought since the last time you had to get one replaced. Your tires are more than just a means of improving the ride comfort of your vehicle, they also play a critical role in the handling & braking of your vehicle as well as its fuel economy.

You should bring your vehicle into the dealership and let our service team take a look at your tires and see what kind of shape they are really in. Our experts will be happy to explain the real condition of your tires to you, point out any problems, and if needed suggest replacements. They can also arrange for rotating, and balancing of your tires, inspect your wheels, your brakes, your suspension, and aim your headlights. These are just a few of the ways that our service center can help keep your car driving perfect and you safer on the road.
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