When you are driving in the summertime, there aren't a lot of distractions on the road - especially when it comes to weather. You may encounter a bit of rain here and there, but for the most part, it is relatively easy to drive around Santa Monica, CA when the weather is warm.

Now that the weather is turning colder and you may travel to visit family in areas of the country where snow is starting to fly, there are some additional features on your vehicle that can help ensure that you stay safe while on the road even in the worst weather conditions. Your vehicle is designed with a windshield wiper fluid reservoir. This container holds a large amount of fluid that with a press of a button inside of your vehicle, you can squirt this special solution onto your front windshield and sometimes back windshield if you have a hatchback.

This fluid is designed to clean off your windshield if you have dirt or debris on it, but it is also used to prevent ice from forming and impeding your vision. Come to our Santa Monica auto service center for regular windshield wiper maintenance!

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